Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There, upon the lone gray rock
She sat combing her spider-silk hair,
Gleaming in the afternoon sun...
Silver as a moonbeam.

Not wanting to frighten the elfin lady,
A lone man cautiously approached;
He was enchanted by her ethereal beauty,
The sound of her lilting voice--intoxicating.

She turned to the haughty man,
Her mischievous smile luring him in;
The pearl-rimmed comb fell from her delicate hand,
Landing by the water-soaked shore.

As he reached for the dropped treasure,
She stayed him with her sensual touch,
He kissed her blood red lips-
Falling instantly in love.

An instantly into her trap...
With one last fatal kiss,
She pulled her doomed lover
Down to her watery abyss.

Vivienne Moss


  1. Love this! Gorgeous and haunting!

  2. HI V...another sublime poem of such intensity and beauty..your words dangle me along with a wonderful rush and intrigue...I love the rhthym in your words...and your brilliant imagery flows so magically. Love the pearl rimmed comb..gave me deja vu!
    PS: and wow..I am so captivated by your blog header image...gorgeous!
    PSS: would you consider having a follow by email button, I don't want to miss your posts! if not no worries, I'll just check in often!
    HUgs friend..congrats on this new blog!

  3. Hi Victoria...thank you for the words of praise. They mean the world to me. It gives me encouragement to continue writing. I am so happy you like this one. It reminds me of the old Grimm faery tales.

    The header I found in images online. I could not find who it belongs so I couldn't link back to it. I'm still trying to find the artist because I love the bewitching beauty to it.

    I have added the follow by email button to it. Hope it works and thanks for asking me to add it!

    Hugs and much love, Viv

  4. Hello Viv, it is both wonderful and magical revisiting your realm of poetry, I have been sitting in the quiet, with some tea reading all your entries..thanks for creating this space of enchantment, beauty and gorgeous creative writing!I love all of your poems..all magnificent and powerful in their own way! wowness