Friday, August 16, 2013

Fae Fyre

Gossamer webs of blue-green
Fae Fyre
Weave through the
Fabric of time,
Connecting all that is...
And all that shall be 
Spiraling out to
The worlds beyond,
The Fae Fyre
Touches the children of  Earth,
Reminding us that we are,
Kith and Kin
Wrapping its ethereal light
Around the Kindred Heart's
Of Faery and Middle Earth,
We become entranced
With the Knowledge of Oneness,
And Fidelity
Seeking what lies Within,
Yearning for the Touch
Of Fae Fyre
We become One--
In the Land of Dreams
United in the Quest for Truth
The Fae Fyre
Burns bright in the Soul's
Of All,
Revealing the Sangreal--
The Holy Blood
Knowing we share
The Sangreal and
The Fae Fyre,
We become the Shining One's--
The People of Peace...
Arda is once again
As She should be,
Burning with Fae Fyre--
Flowing with Sangreal--
Living in Peace--
Shining; forever more...
Vivienne Moss

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There, upon the lone gray rock
She sat combing her spider-silk hair,
Gleaming in the afternoon sun...
Silver as a moonbeam.

Not wanting to frighten the elfin lady,
A lone man cautiously approached;
He was enchanted by her ethereal beauty,
The sound of her lilting voice--intoxicating.

She turned to the haughty man,
Her mischievous smile luring him in;
The pearl-rimmed comb fell from her delicate hand,
Landing by the water-soaked shore.

As he reached for the dropped treasure,
She stayed him with her sensual touch,
He kissed her blood red lips-
Falling instantly in love.

An instantly into her trap...
With one last fatal kiss,
She pulled her doomed lover
Down to her watery abyss.

Vivienne Moss

Monday, August 12, 2013

Aphrodite's Gift

Encompassed by loneliness,
My soul yearns
For Love's true Kiss...

Throwing caution to the wind,
I cast a Spell
Waiting for Aphrodite to hear my plea...

My Dark Lover emerges,
Ravishing me
With his alluring gaze...

Passion erupts,
Kindled by
The Spirit of Ecstasy...

One night of Sensual Bliss,
And I am ensnared
By Aphrodite's Golden Net...

I try to fight,
Not wanting to fall
For Her illusion of Love...

But is it false,
What I feel
For my Dark Lover?...

Have I been Blessed,
Given the Key
To Love's true Kiss?...

Only time will tell,
If the Key reveals--
Aphrodite's Gift...

Vivienne Moss