Thursday, September 5, 2013

Witch Blood

Silent Shadows
Rites of Old
Cast a Charm
Secrets told
Stone and Bone
Realms unseen
The Witch's Blood
Is redeemed
Sacred Circle
Moon enchants
Join the Faery
In the Dance
Ever flowing
Holy Waters
For the Witch's
Sons and Daughters
Spells are cast
Incense burns
As the Wheel
Forever turns
Fires blazing
Witch's  Passion
Guard the Treasure
Of the Dragon
Land of Sprits
Familiars come
Awakened by
Shaman's Drum
The Holy Well
A Sacrifice
By the Blade
Of Druid's Knife
Honey Wine
Golden Cakes
Turn to Dust
Blood Awakes
Phoenix rises
From molten ash
Witch's Blood
Free at last
 ~Vivienne Moss~