Friday, August 16, 2013

Fae Fyre

Gossamer webs of blue-green
Fae Fyre
Weave through the
Fabric of time,
Connecting all that is...
And all that shall be 
Spiraling out to
The worlds beyond,
The Fae Fyre
Touches the children of  Earth,
Reminding us that we are,
Kith and Kin
Wrapping its ethereal light
Around the Kindred Heart's
Of Faery and Middle Earth,
We become entranced
With the Knowledge of Oneness,
And Fidelity
Seeking what lies Within,
Yearning for the Touch
Of Fae Fyre
We become One--
In the Land of Dreams
United in the Quest for Truth
The Fae Fyre
Burns bright in the Soul's
Of All,
Revealing the Sangreal--
The Holy Blood
Knowing we share
The Sangreal and
The Fae Fyre,
We become the Shining One's--
The People of Peace...
Arda is once again
As She should be,
Burning with Fae Fyre--
Flowing with Sangreal--
Living in Peace--
Shining; forever more...
Vivienne Moss


  1. Amazing! Your writings are so passionate!

  2. Wow Viv...this is such a deeply beautiful poem-prayer-anthem-chant of spirit...I love everything about sparks the fae-fyre in my soul...magnificent! This is a very special gem and has touched my heart!! This poem feels very " alive" to me...very words!
    PS: yay..follow by email option..thanks!
    Blessings kindred sister..your writing is incredible! I could see this poem in a book of your fae-fyre magick!

    1. Victoria... Thank you so much for these words of praise for this poem. This is one has deep meaning for me. Your words of encouragement for my writing have touched me deeply. You brought tears to my eyes.

      Hugs and much Love...Viv

    2. xo, massive hugs sister kindred..

  3. ...beautiful ~ gentle resonance ~ evocative ~ celestial spheres ~ dancing ~ shining!... ...blessed be!...(O: